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Back to the 90’s at Meat Beer – when the East was even wilder than Wild Wild West! 🙂 To try all our retro specialities, it’s just a must. No more words needed – just come to see us & have fun & good appetite, guys!

Hospodský kvíz (22.6. od 18.00)

Hospodský kvíz je příležitostí pro přátelské setkání, oslavu nebo prostě jen zábavu ve společnosti. Soutěžení ve vědomostech, kopec zábavy a vynikající jídlo a pití – to všechno činí z hospodského kvízu nezapomenutelný večer pro všechny zúčastněné. Sestavte si svůj tým a přidejte se k nám! Na viděnou na Slováckém dvoře. KDE: Kvíz hrajeme ve Slováckém … Hospodský kvíz (22.6. od 18.00) Read More »


Château de Pommard, Wine Gurmet and Dock House or “three in one in two exclusive evenings”. When? 16th and 17th May. Where. At your Dock House. What? Two tasting evenings (each a little different) filled with great French wine and with an exclusive menu made by Chef Vratislav Oehm and his team. How? Reservations at … DEGUSTACE – CHÂTEAU DE POMMARD Read More »


Dear guests, you are heartily invited to this year’s Easter feast. We would like to present our spring menu, which will be traditionally served in the middle of the table. Come and taste from April 8, we look forward to seeing you!

Jirka Hrachový on DVTV

Daniela Drtinová interviewed our chef Jirka Hrachový on DVTV. Check the teaser on the following link:

Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week – one of the biggest culinary events is here! And we’re part of it. Book a great three-course menu, created especially for this event, at a discounted price right now at Seats are disappearing fast, so don’t hesitate!

Wallachian pig killing feast with dulcimer band

Come to Výčep and have fun in Ultimate Wallachian Style! March 25th, starting at 5 pm, there’ll be a typical pig slaughtering menu just for you and most importantly – LIVE DULCIMER BAND will be there, too! Tickets available only at Výčep – ask our staff and see you on March 25! Pig Killing Menu: … Wallachian pig killing feast with dulcimer band Read More »


Dear friends, we are happy and pleased to share one hot news with you – our (and especially yours!) Dock House is one of the twelve restaurants from all over the Czech Republic that “competed” in the new TV Nova show with Zdeněk Pohlreich – Fight of Restaurants. No, it’s not a fierce competition, although … ZDENĚK POHLREICH IN THE DOCK Read More »


Do you know the difference between St. Valentine’s Day and St. Martin’s Day? You don’t know? Don’t lose hope, neither do we… But what is not the difference? You should spend both of these “important holidays” in the “Dock”. St. Martin is still far away, but St. Valentine’s Day is already knocking on the door. … ST. VALENTINE’S DAY Read More »

Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, come to us to Karlín. We have a bottle of wine, a plate of goodies for you, no “China”. Take your sweetheart, good- looker or your beauty. Don’t make a sound, celebrate love with us! Love is in our Valentine’s poem twice, because it will play the main role… on February 14 … Valentine’s Day Read More »

Seafood tapas

On January 25 and 26, always from 6 pm, your Nejen Bistro will be transformed. We’ll be the harbour, the beach, the reef, the pier… Whatever you want. Close your eyes and let us invite you to the sea – a double SEAFOOD TAPAS in the evening in Karlínské náměstí.


The New Year’s Eve well-being at our brunch will start at 11am. We’ll take care of you and you can enjoy the feast until 5pm. We are looking forward to seeing you on December 31 and don’t forget to make a reservation!


The traditional NICHOLAS BRUNCH is coming soon! It will start on Sunday the 4th of December at 11am, don’t hesitate to make a reservation to be sure to have a seat. There will be lots of goodies, great packages for your kids and of course St. Nicholas, the devil and the angel will come in … ST. NICHOLAS BRUNCH Read More »


St. Martin’s feast is coming and we have prepared a delicious gift for you in the form of a tasting menu! You can book your menu now via our e-shop, and you will be rewarded with something to eat. We look forward to welcoming you in our Dock House.

St. Martin’s Day menu

Wikipedia says a lot of things about the “St. Martin vs. Geese”, the main thing is that November 11 is coming. The great day of broth, foie gras, legs or breasts of goose, dumplings or potato pancakes, “both” cabbage etc. is here! St. Martin’s Feast 2022 or Nejen Bistro full of geese!


We’re 16 years old. On October 22, we’ll celebrate together with a “commemorative” lunch, during which, thanks to our menu selections from past days, we’ll all be at least 16 years younger. P.S. Do you have an old photo of “us”? Take it with you, we’ll exchange it with you for a bite to eat!


All weekend 16.4.-17.4. we serve Easter goodies! Pea cream, nettles / Confit rabbit, herb crust, cream sauce, Karlsbad dumplings, nettles / Carrot cake with mascarpone and walnuts / Stop by, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you!


Coming up on 22/03 from 11am until sold out, you’ll get a taste of cheese treats of all kinds. Fried, pickled, in a bun, on aged beef and much more. So come by, we’ll look forward to it!


The magic date is coming: Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 12 p.m. It’s going to break! There will be jitrnice, jelita, tlačenka, ovárek, pork belly, škvarkovka and lots of other delicacies. And of course, there will also be our great tank beer. Look forward to it!


You don’t have a plan for New Year’s Eve yet? Then hurry up and make a reservation with us, our guys have come up with a great 5-course menu with Hinch whiskey pairing!

Valentine’s Day menu

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and we have a surprise for you! Don’t know what your Valentine’s Day will look like this year? Come to our Bistro, we have a divine Valentine’s Day menu for you, including wine pairings! Oh, and in case you don’t feel like paying, on our Instagram we have a competition … Valentine’s Day menu Read More »

New Year’s brunch

The exuberant New Year’s Eve celebrations are coming up. It is clear that we need to recover from them and that’s why we’ve prepared a NEW YEAR’S BRUNCH full of the following dishes: Extra Strong Garlic Soup, English Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, New Year’s Lentils …and lots more!


Come and taste Easter specialties at Nejen Bistro! This menu will be available from April 11 to April 18 from 5 pm, so come by!

Malbec day

We’ve prepared a great tasting for MALBEC DAY. Our manager and sommelier in one, Lukáš, invites you to taste mature steaks and Malbec wines from Argentina and France on April 21. Don’t miss out and book now to be sure of your place!

Asparagus menu

Get ready for an ASPARAGUS TORNADO in our Nejen Bistro! Palo and Lukáš made an invitation for you on the ASPARAGUS MENU, you can find it on our Instagram. Stop by, it’s going to be a blast!

Burger Duel

We celebrate International Burger Day on May 25! Get ready for a big BURGER DUEL between our restaurants Nejen Bistro and Dock House. Venue: Dock House / Beginning: on May 28 at 12.00 / Judges: YOU. Look forward to it, it will be a blast!


We have some great barbecue packages for you! You can take them directly from us or order them on our e-shop. We have also prepared grilling instructions for you and you can find them in the stories on our Instagram. It will be saved in the selection, so you can return to it at any … DOCK HOME – BBQ PACKAGES Read More »


California Wine Weeks are here! Until the end of June, you have the opportunity to taste special California wines and this amazing course, created by our culinary team, especially for this event. Come and taste, we are looking forward to seeing you!


On 28th of May we are celebrating International Burger Day! Get ready for a big BURGER FIGHT between our Dock House and Nejen Bistro restaurants. Place of the event: Dock House / Beginning on 28th of May at 12:00 / Judges: YOU. Look forward to it! It’s going to be a blast!


Hello everyone! Matěj, Petr and our team invite you to our PERFECT EASTER FEAST! Next Tuesday we will reveal everything and there will be a COMPETITION on our Instagram for this beautiful menu, so don’t forget to set a reminder.

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Neonové šusťákovky, první Nike „Érmex“, dročky místo taxíků, razie U Holubů, Discoland Silvie, Klaus a Zeman… Tohle už si možná ani nepamatujete – a tak vám to připomeneme, možná trochu škodolibě. Jak? Naším Retro týdnem, přece! Od 12. do 16. června v Meat Bear, každý den přes poledne, až do vyprodání zásob.


Restaurant Week – one of the biggest culinary events is here! And we are part of it. Book a fabulous three-course menu, created especially for this event, at a discounted price right now at Spots are going fast, so don’t hesitate!


In the week from 6 to 10 March, we invite you to take a trip back in time, right in the middle of the 90s gastrohell. Let’s recall the “sure things” of post-revolutionary cuisine – “katův šleh”, sausages stewed in black beer , chicken steak with peach, “Heisse Liebe”… Come enjoy a retro week at … RETRO WEEK Read More »


For the non-VALENTINE’S Day, which will take place on 14/02, we have prepared a proper beef steak + grenaille + sauce + 2 beers = 567 CZK


Friends, WEEK IN THE BUN starts on Tuesday 26/4! Get your tummies ready for a load of goodies in our baked buns. You can look forward to things like Bavarian sausages, our meatloaf, burgers with pulled meat and lots of other treats. We look forward to seeing you!

Jirka Hrachový na DVTV

Daniela Drtinová vyzpovídala našeho šéfkuchaře Jirku Hrachového na DVTV. Mrkněte se na ukázku na následujícím odkazu:

Valašská zabíjačková hostina s cimbálovkou

Přijďte se pobavit ve Velkém Valašském Stylu! Na zabíjačkovou hostinu, a to 25. března od 17:00. Máme pro vás poctivé originální zabijačkové menu a hlavně – přijede opravdová CIMBÁLOVKA! Vstupenky ve Výčepu na výčepu. Zabijačkové menu: Zabijačkový Tafelšpic kobzole, vejmrda, křen, kapusta, naša hořčicaVajčina s pečeným vepřovým mozečkem na uzeném sádle topinka pečená na ohni, … Valašská zabíjačková hostina s cimbálovkou Read More »

Inkognito – Prima

Šéfkuchař Jiří Hrachový v zábavném pořadu na TV Prima. Mrkněte… Pořad si můžete pustit kliknutím ZDE.

Rozhovor – CNN Prima News s Jirkou Hrachovým

“Michelinský šéfkuchař Hrachový prošel cizineckou legií. Připrav se, že tě zastřelí, slyšel” tak zní nadpis čerstvého rozhovoru našeho šéfkuchaře na CNN Prima News. Chcete se dozvědět více? Klikněte na následující link!

Podcast – VisitChef

Jiří Hrachový: Chceme hosty, kteří přijdou do Výčepu na pivo, překvapit. Kdo kdy jedl černou koprovku?

Svatomartinská hostina

Přijede letos svatý Martin na bílém koni? To popravdě nevíme. Ale víme, že my přijdeme s pořádnou svatomartinskou hostinou! Budou klasiky jako skvělý husí kaldoun, husí paštika, husí jatýrka a srdíčka a samozřejmě i konfitované husí stehno, zelí a knedlík. Od pátku do neděle se stavte na tuhle parádu, a raději si udělejte rezervaci!

Jak to bylo, šéfe?

Na to jsme se ptali Zdeňka Pohlreicha, když si k nám do kuchyně přišel za Jiřím Hrachovým popovídat… a trochu i povařit. A obojí byla docela zábava! Chcete vidět, jak to všechno vypadalo? Sledujte na Primě 9.12. ve 23:30 nebo pak v repríze 11.12. v 10:15! Pořad si také můžete pustit online kliknutím ZDE.

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